Friday, 1 August 2008

George Carlin - The state of the planet

The late George Carlin has some interesting points to make on environmentalism, hits some right on the head.


Mark Wilson said...

You'll have to elucidate the points he hit on the head, because he was talking unmitigated shit about endangered species on the 2 minutes I could be bothered to wait for YouTube to serve up.

Andrew Garratt said...

He mentions the current "Save The Planet" arrogance of the human race, like the planet needs saving from us! It's been around 4 Billions years, we've been around maybe 200,000 years and only for the last 200 years had any sort of industrial society.

The planet has seen much worse than us in it's past, it will just brush us off like fleas, recover, heal itself and continue spinning for a few billion years more.

The planet isn't f**ked, we are!

Maybe it was just the mood I was in late last night, a few classes of wine and feeling lonely.

Oh I conserve energy, recycling etc, mainly to save money it's true. But absolutely sick of the politicians, scientists, journalists and liberal do-gooders ramming the message down my throat, if I thought they weren't trying to further their careers, were sincere and more importantly had their facts right then I might have more tolerance and time.

Long live plastic! ;-)