Friday, 30 October 2009

Daily Tweats

  • 07:30 The nightmare with Linux continues - tried to install ubuntu lastnight.. nothing worked! #
  • 08:45 Karmic Koala didn't like my graphics chipset, my wifi cards (all 3 of them) the touchpad was erratic and black text on dark brown - fail! #
  • 09:21 RT @thedailymash: 色情 IS CHINESE FOR PORNOGRAPHY (the "reverse Dutch steamboat" is mentioned again - am intrigued!) #
  • 10:41 Hopefully these kids got free copies of Microsoft products that they won't be able to use on their Apple computers #bing #
  • 10:47 looks like Vir ginMedia have took a dislike to the BBC - none of their sites seem reachable at the moment #
  • 14:59 Friday ennui in full effect! Not helped by a depressing lunchtime trip into town (what a dump!) #
  • 16:16 Just trimmed my twitter feed - will probably still miss everything important #
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