Thursday, 4 February 2010

Fortress Nerdsville - Part 1

Last year I purchased a couple of CCTV cameras to monitor around the exterior of my home (not that we live in a hot bed of crime, it is just I couldn't resist the technology) They were connected to a 4-input video card (from ebay) which came supplied with some pirated and bug-ridden cctv software which ran for a random number of hours on a Windows 2000 installation before crashing the PC!

I swore then that I would investigate the use of a linux solution to create a proper reliable solution that could be monitored remotely. Well this morning I finally got around to swapping the harddisk in my designated PC and have just installed Ubuntu Server

Next step is to install zoneminder

1 comment:

Matt Buxton said...

Strangely enough even though I hate excessive CCTV I have had the urge to do something like this mayself. Keep us posted!