Friday, 2 September 2011

Looking forward to the weekend

The last few weeks have been dreadful, for quite a long time I have been suffering pain in my left side and other issues. Various visits to the doctors later I was referred to a hospital consultant with suspected diverticulitis.

In the meantime I was away on holiday in the caravan near Barnard Castle last month when I was stuck down with really acute pain, so bad I collapsed and was taken off to Darlington Memorial Hospital for a four day stay. The provisional diagnosis is diverticulitis following a CT scan. I was discharged with antibiotics and told to take it easy. Well of course due to work pressures I couldn't and have not really recovered and I have had some more complications which good taste prevents me from detailing. Thankfully I am now on a new course of treatment and hopefully I will improve.

If I feel well enough this weekend I will finally make a start kitting out my new workshop/shack. We have had a complete makeover in the garden this year with new drainage, patios, lawn and some serious landscaping around the pond. Our somewhat battered summerhouse has been restored, painted and furnished and new electrics fitted.

A key part of this makeover was to replace a shed with a big (16' x 10') workshop, it has been divided into two sections one 6' x 10' which is the shed replacement and the other 10' x 10' which I was going to turn into my workshop/den/shack - all my 'junk', tools, radio stuff and computers would be housed in there giving me a refuge.

Unfortunately due to other demands I have made no progress getting it fitted out, but hopefully this week I will get the chance to make a start. If nothing else I will get hopefully give it a much needed coat of preservative as 8 months of sunshine has bleached it somewhat.

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