Wednesday, 28 December 2011

FUNcube Dongle - Oh, yes, my precious!

I received a FUNcube Dongle for Christmas but being away from the 'shack' over the holiday and now back in work I have had little time to do anything with it. I did manage a hour of so last night and updated the firmware and had a little scan around the spectrum using SDR-Radio to receive a few signals.

It is certainly a voyage into the unknown, the FCD came in a simple plastic box with a single sheet of A4 which simply told you to go to but I found the site it a bit of a mess to be honest. Did get some guides from there but most information seems to be on the Yahoo group 

What became obvious last night was I really miss my dual-monitor set up. There were lots of documents, websites and applications that I had open and navigation was a pain on a single 17" LCD....  must replace the dead screen asap.

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