Monday, 4 March 2013

STRaND-1 - I think I have a faulty antenna!

Over the weekend I have made a couple of attempts at receiving the STRaND-1 satellite telemetry and indeed have a few IQ wave files that require processing but I don't expect to get any successful decodes out of them as they have been rather patchy and variable.

During the pass on Sunday evening I wasn't getting anything and as it neared the end of the predicted pass I gave up and picked up the antenna tripod to put it away and suddenly a strong signal appeared on the SDR waterfall! I suspect I have a problem with the antenna, either a faulty connection in the coax or connectors that was briefly corrected by the act of moving the tripod. It isn't the first time I have had issues and will have to investigate further.

The weekend wasn't a total loss, I did manage to capture a reasonable NOAA-18 pass on Sunday afternoon! Between washing the cars and doing some gardening!

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