Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rainy Sunday, Damp Monday SSTV

With the total washout at the weekend with very heavy rain on Sunday I was able to spend a decent amount of time monitoring. I recently brought a dry-cell adapter for the Alinco DJ-X10 receiver (EDH-16) allowing me to power it using normal AA Ni-MH batteries as the rechargeable battery pack it came with doesn't hold its charge any more.

So as the rain hammered on the window I decided to decode some SSTV images on the amateur bands. I connected up the discone and the computer tuned to 14.230Mhz USB and fired up MMSSTV. Some of the better decoded images I've got over the last couple of days are included below.

I did have an attempt at decoding some digital SSTV using EasyPAL but despite some strong signals couldn't quite get a full sync, but I think that was down to the conditions and the relatively poor rejection of the DJ-X10. With no ATU the out of band signals and nearby signals from what I suspect are high power operators were just too much for it, as the following sound file demonstrates.

Swamped SSTV by nerdsville

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