Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Fred is well and fully recovered

Fred depressed in the corner

Well Fred's operation went well on Monday, he was taken in at 9am and I collected him at 3pm, he was bit groggy and unsteady but his eye looked a lot better than I was expecting. Fortunately due the growth being on a stalk it meant minimal cutting of the eyelid. He did want to rub it so has had to endure the indignity of the Elizabethan Collar (he is pictured sitting staring in to the corner of the computer room, resting his head between a bag and one of the computers)

This morning he went back to the vet to check the eye. The vet was pleased, it is looking very clean and you really would have difficultly spotting any surgery other than some slight shaving of his fur below the eye.

Fred seems much happier, has been out for several walks with much more enthusiasm that he has recently shown, so hopefully that is the end of that health scare.

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