Sunday, 15 February 2009

Charging.. Clear.. Zap!

I've not posted anything in the last 6 months as I've been buffeted around on the sea called life.

Just before I went AWOL from the blogosphere I had started a new job. Well I've still got it and it has gone well, my mind successfully rebooted and I am productive and feel appreciated.

At home I am still married, the wife has had a torrid time at work due to cutbacks, lost contracts, and relocation. We were forced to say goodbye to two dogs making three lost last year (I didn't post about the first we lost last May) but we have since rehomed another.

We are currently surviving the global economic downturn depression. I've become more disenchanted and cynical in my view of society and government. I find myself swearing at the TV, radio, websites and people more and more.

So in a moment of clarity at 5am this morning thought I should really start blogging again!

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Matt Buxton said...

Did wonder where you had got to you grumpy old git :)