Friday, 20 February 2009

What happened to peel off easy open can lids?

Is it just me or has the credit crunch had a dramatic effect on the availability of tinned soup, baked beans, hot dog sausages, meatballs, ravioli etc?

I don't mean the supermarkets are low on stocks, or charging over inflated prices. But they seemed to be making it more difficult to actually get to the salt and sugar enhanced gloop by shying away from the use of the peel off easy open lids (pictured left) and opting for the more traditional and dangerous "you will need a can-opener and are likely to end decorating A&E with arterial blood as you amputate your index finger on the razor sharp metal disc" type (pictured right)

It seems to be affecting the supermarket own brands more than the name brands - but as they say "every little helps" as they struggle to survive on their paltry multi-billion pound profits.

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Matt Buxton said...

Easy peel, Are you kidding me? You miss those blasted things? Easy peel my arse! More like pull like crazy till the top flings back and then accidentally fling can and coat yourself in tomato sauce / pineapple juice / whatever liquid was in the can in the first place