Thursday, 19 February 2009

"Oh Miss Jones!"

On the Sky news Blog this morning is a post by Niall Paterson concerning the on going debacle of the Home Secretary's bedsit sleeping arrangements.
the idea that Ms Smith is renting a tiny box room in her sister's house ("it's the family home", one official tells me) is raising a few smiles in the Home Office.

So much so, some have taken to referring to her as Ms Jones - a reference to Miss Jones, one of the tenants in Rigsby's ramshackle boarding house in TV comedy Rising Damp.

I've seen the series and obviously met Jacqui Smith a good few times, and I'm not so sure I'd be brave enough to nickname her after a spinster of advancing years...

Rising damp is where ground moisture rises, ruining the fabric of the building.

Which sounds like a pretty decent metaphor for the way MPs' use of expenses has undermined Parliament of late.

Meanwhile Times cartoonist Peter Brookes conjurers up an image which should being a smile to the face of anyone who objects to Jackboot Jacqui's authoritarian 'anti-terrorism' policies. (listed on her wikipedia page)

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