Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Farewell ARISSat-1

There has been no official announcement yet, but it appears that plucky satellite ARISSat-1 finally de-orbited early this morning.

The last frame of received telemetry on ARISSATTLM site hasn't changed since 06:02:14 UTC.

The DK3WN SatBlog posted the last report and some of the last heard voice telemetry earlier this morning. There is a post on the Yahoo FUNCube group from Konstantin RN3ZF claiming a very intermittent later contact at around 08:42, with links to some IQ wav files.

Several users on twitter have also reported no further contact with ARISSat-1, I monitored an pass myself earlier and got nothing.

I will miss it, I have enjoyed experimenting and receiving transmissions and I have learned a lot more about amateur satellites. It prompted me to join AMSAT-UK and am looking forward to having a go with the other satellites out there and the FUNCube project which will be launching later in the year.

Update, AMSAT-UK have confirmed ARISSat-1 is now silent key

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