Friday 19 October 2012

FITSAT-1 - Full telemetry decode achieved.

Had an excellent FITSAT-1 pass last night, successfully received nearly three full frames of CW telemetry.

The image above (from the prediction site) shows a similar pass and illustrates the reception window which is just less than 8 minutes. Each frame of telemetry takes around 2.5 minutes to receive, so I was extremely happy with the results.

Again I recorded the pass using SDR-Radio and played back the doppler corrected IQ file later decoding with the MRP40 program, hear is a small video demonstrating the decoding process.

and this was the resulting telemetry data when run through the analyser program (see previous post).
FITSAT-1 NIWAKA Downlink CW Code
Input Data------------------
S1 :f00501bb
S2 :88db0101
S3 :02000102
S4 :1e20201f
S5 :1a12aae7
S-mater of 437MHz RX             :4.69[V]
Total Voltage of Solar cells       :0.1[V]
Total Current of Solar Cells       :0[mA]
Voltage of single cell battery     :3.65[V]
Current of single cell battery     :1054.69[mA]
Voltage of 3 series battery        :12.83[V]
Current of 3 series battery        :0[mA]
Voltage of 2.5V reference          :0.02[V]
Voltage of Solar cell + X          :0.07[V]
Voltage of Solar cell + Y          :0[V]
Voltage of Solar cell - X          :0.04[V]
Voltage of Solar cell - Y          :0.07[V]
Temperature of 3 series battery     :2.73[℃]
Temperature of single cell battery  :6.25[℃]
Temperature of +Z side              :6.25[℃]
Temperature of –Z side             :4.49[℃]
S-meter of 1.2GHz RX                :0.46[V]
14day 3hour 49min 59sec

I have also uploaded a better recording of the audio.

FITSAT-1 CW Telemetry by nerdsville

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