Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Antenna Mast

My current antennas are mounted up in the loft, the coax being dropped down into an upstairs room and connected to the scanners and receivers. So while I have moved a great deal of my junk into the shack I am stuck to just doing satellite work there for lack of a decent antenna.

I have purchased a dual band X50 2m/70cm antenna of eBay and plans are under way for the erection of an antenna mast/pole to mount it on!

What I have decided to do is purchase some galvanised scaffold pole, I will sink one around 6ft into the ground, which will be concreted in, giving a 6ft tall post. Then using some swivel clamps I can then clamps another longer pole to that.

By using some swivel clamps it means I can lower/remove the pole, allowing for easier maintenance and protection during high winds. By easily removing it I can also hopefully claim it is temporary and only raised when being used...

This is the sort of thing I plan on doing.

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