Friday, 29 February 2008


For the last two weeks I have been busy decorating, transforming the orange/green (don't ask) colour schemed kitchen and adjacent 'breakfast' room. The kitchen is finished apart from putting up a shelf and a second coat of gloss on the radiator. It was wallpapered but has now been painted a lovely shade of Dulux 'Sultan' The wallpaper was hiding a multitude of holes and patches so I had to do some filling of holes, sanding and then had to apply two coats of base coat to make it suitable for painting.

The breakfast room is a little more work, it will be wallpapered again and I have had to repair the ceiling due to a water leak last year. Yesterday I spent several hours painting all the woodwork, doors, skirting boards and radiators with ubiquitous white gloss paint.

Why is gloss paint such a horrible experience? It is difficult to clean up after using it and worse of all it smells, oh it smells. Despite having windows open the whole house stinks of the stuff.
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