Thursday, 10 January 2008


I have never been a great games player, I had a second hand PlayStation years after their heyday and never played it. I got an original XBox which I chipped and now use as a media player using the wonderful XBMC I have played HalfLife on the PC. But truth is I never really got involved with the games and hated the controllers and still do.

So when I read about and then later saw the Nintendo Wii I decided the concept looked interesting and at the comparatively low price it was worth getting one. However I missed out for Christmas 2006 and finally got one in February and I am ashamed to admit it but this brilliant console has sat pretty much unused for most of the year due to lack of time and games. Yes I loved the bundled Wii Sports and completed The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess (with a little help from a walkthrough) I also dabbled with Excite Truck but for most of year that has been it, the console has sat next to TV.

Things changed this Christmas as people finally had something they could buy me (well something I wanted) and I got a clutch of Wii Games Mercury Meltdown Revolution, Tiger Woods PGA 2008, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics and the must have game of 2007 Super Mario Galaxy.


As you may have heard a little bit of comic license was show by the artwork illustrator(s), who have now probably been fired, if you look at the artwork you can see some of the letters have a little glint/star attached, they are the U, R, M, R, G, A, Y spelling the humorous Ur Mr Gay! link

However despite that this game is wonderful and currently has the honour of being the the most highly rated game of all time!

The cartoon graphics are wonderful, bright, colourful and while they won't satisfy the legions of the "pixel whore", "kill anything that moves" HD gamers with their Microsoft XBox360s and Sony PS3s they do a wonderful job of making you feel like a child. You do nothing but smile at the constant twists, turns and ingenuity of the game play depicted in this crayola coloured universe. The use of 'gravity' in the game is simply outstanding whether it is running around spheres, leaping from planet to planet, pulling yourself along from star to star or catapulting yourself across the void.

During the last couple of days while off sick I have been able to play a few hours and currently have a measly 12 stars but have enjoyed every single minute of it.

Many many words have already been written on the web praising the game and I suggest you pop along to Google and read some of them.

Oh and just the clarify things I am not an homosexual!

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