Friday, 18 January 2008

The Ulimate Death Tax

I have for years carried a organ donor card in my wallet and am of the opinion when your dead your dead so am happy for my parts to be divided up, providing it's not used to prolong the life of some pathetic alcoholic


This week saw the UK's nanny state reveal its latest ghoulish plan. The Labour government plan to snatch the body parts of anyone. Obviously at the moment this policy only applies to dead people. Is this the ultimate death tax, surgically extracted.

Without any apparent squeamishness, Gordon Brown backed the Presumed Consent Scheme to redress the demand for transplanted organs. So rather than looking for those bothersome donor cards on a fresh cadaver, we are all now fair game. If you don’t specifically carry a card saying “leave my corpse alone” -- known as “the opt out option”, or unless one’s family is on hand to object, one’s remains are considered fair game for an organ harvest festival!



Considering that hospitals are dangerous places to be in at the best of times and are driven more and more by targets and have limited resources do you honestly think Doctors are not going to look at your body and decide your recovery is borderline and potential expensive and would it be better to let you die and save a handful of other people? Yes that could happen now if they knew you carried a card, but when everyone is automatically a potential bag of meaty goodies?

Oh want to read the ramblings of a supporter of this idea than you cannot do much better than read Polly Toynbee's column in the Guardian. This woman is to use a phrase I heard recently "totally hat stand"

I have plagiarised some of phrasing of this post from this excellent article on which points out some of ethical dilemmas of this proposed scheme.

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