Sunday, 13 January 2008

Stephen Fry and Social Networking


I would love to be as intelligent and as eloquent as Stephen Fry, his blog and musing on technology are required reading not necessarily because he is right, but because of the way he puts his thoughts down.

Today sees the Guardian posting his thoughts on Social Networking in their Dork Talk column (what a hideous name) and he has repeated the column on his own blog.

He makes the point that so many of the new "Web 2.0" social networking phenomena is based on old practises but with a coat of shiny new technology paint. He also bemoans that these new websites are actively encouraging the segregation of people in to groups that don't look outside of their own interests, comparing it to the old systems used by AOL and Compuserve that created closed communities and resisted the urge to add the "Internet" access. Those old communities effectively disappeared as the Internet came on line for it to now be replaced by the new kids on the block like MySpace, FaceBook and Bebo.

Interesting article I suggest you read it.

Stephen Darlington posted similar thoughts on his blog back in July.

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