Thursday, 3 January 2008

It's alive!

Well I killed this blog sometime last year and I have lived to regret that rash decision. The reason for this drastic action was a fit of panic when a fellow work colleague had started spreading the url around and I was sure management had become aware of it.

I'd made most postings when I should of been working and the nature of some of the postings perhaps weren't in keeping with my position. No they weren't pornographic or anything like that but giving advice on how to crack wireless security and bypass network security was not quite what they pay me for!

It must be said at the time I wasn't quite thinking straight as pressure, stress and mild depression had set in. It was a shame as some of the information and posts were quite interesting and may have been a useful resource.

I know find myself with a clearer head and have decided to resurrect the blog.

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